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MOBISMART is the leading provider of advanced, mobile, solar off-grid power generation and storage systems that can be easily deployed to construction sites in urban, rural and remote locations.

A silent, worry-free alternative to loud and dirty diesel generators to meet high off-grid power needs using solar power generation – with optional wind turbine(s) for augmented power generation day and night. Harvested power stored in a choice of batteries including Lithium Ion, EV Second Life Batteries, and deep-cycle AGM batteries.

Smaller power storage available with built in solar panels and Smaller footprint MOBISUN Mobile Solar Off-Grid Power Generators 

MOBIPOWER Off-Grid Containerized Power

Designed to provide power where there is no grid connection and never will be and the only source of energy would have be generated. The MOBIPOWER portable power container can be used virtually anywhere on the planet and will produce and store all the power you will need.

We use the highest quality solar panels, including LG, Peimar, and Canadian Solar; these solar panels harvest the sun's power and stores the energy in high-quality lithium batteries, controlled with an external BMS. Then the power is distributed using Victron Multiplus units, so this inverter/charger can transfer the power.

No CO2 Emissions 

The MOBIPOWER, more than anything else, is a green power station focusing on using renewable sources of energy at all times, and by doing so, this energy container will produce almost 90% less CO2 and other greenhouse gasses compare to a generator only power station.


No more fuel costs, monthly maintenance, and many more generator-related costs as the MOBIPOWER will be a solar power system, providing you the needed power for your equipment without using fossil fuels.


The MOBIPOWER has been designed to be self-sufficient with little to no maintenance. This portable power station is ready to work from day one with few easy steps as soon as placing it in place.


Important measures are taken to ensure the equipment and batteries are in a climate controlled environment therefore an air conditioner for hot summer days and a heater for cold days are installed.


The MOBIPOWER is the silent solution for your remote power needs at construction job sites, off-grid camps, or other applications. Whereas, diesel generators require with fuel and are noisy, this mobile power station uses solar energy with no noise pollution. Even if a backup generator is installed for guaranteed uptime applications, it is installed in a separate insulated room and will block the noise up to 80 dB.


The MOBIPOWER has security and safety features to keep users and equipment safe. Equipped with fire-suppression measures, alarms and email alerts for fast troubleshooting and remediation. 

Breakers & Protection


All electrical protections are of course present. At the AC outlet of the inverters, long extensions have been provided to route the current to the three construction trailers which the system supplies. When traveling, these extensions are disconnected, rolled up and stored in the trailer. Everything has been designed to facilitate the installation and removal of equipment quickly and safely for future users.

Batteries & BMS

Victron Energy Power Electronics

Harvested energy is stored in Lithium LiFePO4 battery banks with it's own programmed BMS (Battery Management System). The batteries will be housed under the Power Electronics wall in an insulated wooden structure which protects them from any inadvertent metallic contact across the battery poles, whilst also having ventilation holes to dissipate heat during heavy use.

Backup for 100% Uptime


For redundancy, a diesel generator can be installed in order to charge the batteries f there hasn’t been enough sun for 3-4 days. If the solar resource is insufficient, or energy demand is high and prolonged, the generator starts – and stops – automatically according to battery voltage. This start-up can also be triggered remotely, using VRM.


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