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MOBISMART has several renewable energy innovations have been and continue to invested heavily into research and development of product innovations that are unique to the market with secure IP and trade secrets.


Retractable Solar Racking is a Game Changer: A large number of solar panels can be deployed quickly by just 1 person 

Unique solar mounting system is a compelling alternative to today's traditional fixed flat roof or ground-mounted solar installations; and a powerful solution for permanent or temporary solar energy applications. The system's open architecture accommodates standard world-class photovoltaic (PV) panels, inverters and wiring, to adapt to local content preferences or requirements.

MOBISMART can produce solar-generated electricity where others can not, and feed electricity to any urban/community grid. For example, there are numerous "empty lots" in commercial, industrial and rural areas that often remain idle for years awaiting development. In such cases, ordinary fixed solar installations, with their 20-25 year returns can not be economically justified. Whereas, quickly deployble racking systems, with their advantages of pre-assembly, activation-readiness and transportability are an ideal fit, they can be relocated from lot to lot, as often as required.

Roof-top mounted

With its transportability and ease of installation, the PWRstation responds well to energy needs in urban environments, especially for flat roof applications. Today’s typical flat roof solar installation is slated to last between 20 and 25 years, while most flat roof manufacturing warrantees only guarantee a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Notwithstanding, flat roof tops often require access for basic maintenance.

Containerized solutions

Urban land reserved for residential developments are often left as empty lots for years before construction begins. While a traditional PV installation would not make sense in terms of a Return on Investment, the use of PWRstations is ideal in such a scenario. Because of its ease of transport and speed of deployment, developmental land can now be profitable and serve as part of a portfolio strategy for utilities or private solar leasing operations.


Humanitarian & Disaster

PWRstations can operate as autonomous, completely self-sufficient power plants equipped with optional batteries, configured as hybrid gensets, backup or primary solutions for off-grid applications; and perfect solutions for powering today’s rapidly emerging nano and mini-grid configurations.


Wind is a flow of air caused by the temperature difference on various parts on the earth. Capturing wind for power generation provides a low-cost and efficient source of energy while protecting the environment.

There is both usable wind and wind. For our application, we must consider both wind speed and wind direction.

Winds below  25 m/s (approx. 55.9 mph) are usually regarded as usable. Winds over 25.03 m/s (approx. 56 miles per hour) are usually classified as destroying. The MOBIWIND VAWTs employ a patented technology giving each VAWT the ability to survive wind ratings from 50 to 60 m/s (approx. 111.8 mph to 134 mph) depending upon the MOBIWIND unit.

Vertical axis wind turbines offer substantial advantages over the early versions of wind turbines known as Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT).

The MOBIWIND product line includes VAWTs models delivering 1kW, 3kW, 5kW & 10kW

MOBIWIND VAWT turbines offer multiple applications in both urban and rural settings, for commercial, industrial and institutional use.

Vertical Axis Turbines offer real advantages

  • Safer with a stronger blades structure
  • Lower operating noise, nearly quiet
  • Bird- & bat-friendly, no threat to wildlife
  • Higher electricity generation at low wind speed
  • Easier maintenance & lower maintenance cost
  • Longer operating life due to stable rotor structure
  • Lower tower, smaller foundation requirement
  • Easily integrated into architectural and landscape
  • 360° use of wind for power generation

However, the MOBIWIND system offers even more advantages:

  • Startup at wind speed as low as 2 m/s
  • System efficiency equal to large horizontal turbines
  • Over speed regulated by pitch control
  • Automatic mechanical and hydraulic brake
  • Well-designed tower and foundation
  • Fast & easy installation