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Founded in 2013 in Toronto, Canada, MOBISMART Mobile Off-Grid Power & Storage Inc. is an innovator of advanced, mobile and portable, solar power generation systems that can be easily deployed to construction and natural disaster sites and other urban, rural and remote locations needing off-grid power.

MOBISMART’s varied power generating solutions – ranging from trailerized to containerized systems, delivering a range of power requirements, work to reduce the reliance on carbon emitting diesel generation, fill the gap of compromised on-grid power sources, and support 24/7 mission critical needs.

MOBISMART’s proudly manufactures its systems in North America leveraging ISO 9001 Certified facilities in both Ontario and Quebec. This local control over manufacturing ensures optimization of quality and timely solution delivery – removing any potential supply chain and quality related issues associated with offshore manufacturing.

Advanced Research & Innovations

As EfstonSolar, several renewable energy innovations were developed including the Enlighten off-grid hybrid wind and solar LED streetlights. As MOBISMART, has continued creating renewable products and invested heavily to research and develop product innovations that are unique to the market and has secure IP & trade secrets.

  • Isolated multiple-unit manufacturing process
  • Patents for unique design
  • Proprietary Internet of Things cloud-based remote monitoring

As MOBISMART, we have continued research and development of innovations ahead of their time.

MOBISMART’s renewable energy roots run deep as the company’s founders are second generation solar entrepreneurs – the family having pioneered the integration of solar energy systems for commercial buildings back in the 1970s more than 50-years ago.

Deep Sector Passion, Expertise & Success

MOBISMART is the culmination of a life-long passion for science, the scientific method, technology and renewable energy that began at EfstonScience History, an iconic Toronto-based retailer and mail order catalogue company in 1970 of innovative, leading edge scientific products and equipment – including solar in the 1970s.

EfstonScience evolved in 2003 by added a business-to-business specialty tools and testing equipment division servicing the telco, institutional, commercial and networking industries.

EfstonSolar, the renewable energy division, was then added in 2008 that took decades of technology specialization, and combined it with system design, installation, and project management expertise.  Not only did they build hundreds of grid-tied, including 13 municipal buildings in Strathroy-Caradoc, and off-grid systems, EfstonSolar began developing and producing their own renewable energy products including in 2009 the Enlighten off-grid hybrid wind and solar LED streetlight (now called Illuminent, owned by Clear Blue Technologies).

Canadian Owned & Operated

MOBISMART Mobile Off-Grid Power & Storage Inc. is a privately owned Canadian corporation with offices and manufacturing located in Toronto, Ontario.