MOBISMART is the leading provider of advanced, off-grid, mobile solar power generation and storage systems that can be easily deployed to for security and surveillance at sites in urban, rural and remote locations.

Our mobile and portable solutions are designed to provide a tactical advantage by reducing reliance of fuel supply chains required to maintain diesel power generation. MOBISMART's sustainable energy solution can support high-resolution cameras, motion sensors, alarms and speakers at locations that are vulnerable to theft, damage and safety.
off-grid power for construction sites

Mobismart’s mobile, solar power generation systems are a sustainable source of power for your security equipment and can be used to:

➤ Power cameras with 12-24V power supply, speakers and internet modem for client equipment
➤ Includes a telescoping mast to mount camera equipment box that goes as high as 40 feet
➤ Pre-construction site protection for dumping before any grid power is available
➤ Construction site security – construction companies to get immediate security for their job sites
➤ Oil and gas field security
➤ No need to run power or network cabling to the cameras, allowing Law Enforcement agencies to target crime hotspots quickly

The MOBISUN Spark Hybrid is specifically designed to meet the demanding power needs of security surveillance applications in urban, rural, and remote locations. And will even produce power indoors or underground. Unique in the security market, the MOBISUN Spark Hybrid combines the clean renewable energy of solar power generation (with on-board battery storage) with integrated methanol fuel cell power generation system for 24/7 reliability

Methanol fuel cells provide redundancy, back-up protection that charges the battery power storage system ensuring a constant flow of power for mission critical applications – requiring no refuelling or human interaction for months. And, since there are no toxic emissions, will operate safely in underground parking garages, empty buildings or mines.

off-grid power for construction sites

Renewable Power Source

Our solar power generation systems help reduce, and possibly eliminate, your dependency on traditional diesel fuel alternatives.



Power generating solar array combined with cutting-edge, on-board power electronics, inverters and battery storage redundancy technologies, guarantees power supply for your “always-on” mission critical on-site systems.


Mobile power systems are built to last with commercial-grade steel chassis, aluminum solar array and battery storage compartments, and rugged trailer suspension and brakes – making our units road certified and safe to deploy across any terrain.


Comes standard with R20 Insulation, NEMA 4X equivalent specifications and passive cross- venting and available integrated, high-efficiency climate control — offering “deploy anywhere” temperature protection from -50°C to 50°C.


Units come with standard trailer hitches making it easy to transport to any site and designed to be easily deployed by one person and generating power in just a matter of minutes.


Our remote monitoring service ensures your units operate effectively and efficiently across your multiple sites and allows for remote technical support as needed — helping to both reduce operating and servicing cost over time.

MOBISUN SPARK Mobile Solar Generator Solutions

Compact, robust single-axle galvanized steel trailer chassis with 4-Panel aluminium solar array frame and synchronized actuators. Go anywhere design.

MOBISUN SPARK HYBRID Mobile Solar Generator Solutions

 The MOBISUN Spark’s sophisticated on-board power electronics monitor the charge status of the battery bank. When required, the fuel cell system automatically turns on and off to charge the batteries as needed. In this way, battery life is extended significantly since the controlled charging protects them from harmful deep discharges. 

We can right size our mobile and portable power and storage solutions to meet your exact needs.

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