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Solar + Methanol Fuel Cell Power Generation System for Wind Lidar Power Supply

The MOBISUN HYBRID Power Trailer is specifically designed to meet the demanding power needs of Wind Lidars in urban, rural, and remote locations. These autonomous lidar power supply are the most reliable on the market now!

Unique for the wind assessment market that requires 24/7 reliability, the MOBISUN Hybrid Lidar Power Supplyt combines the clean renewable energy of solar power generation with a fully integrated methanol fuel cell power generation system with methanol fuel cartridges as backup in an insulated NEMA 3R equivalent enclosure to charge the on-board battery storage. Includes a custom triangular aluminum box to protect the Lidar during transport and the met station has been placed in the ideal position on the top of the solar array. Reliable, off-grid lidar power is a challenge in any application. MOBISUN HYBRID systems provide fully autonomous, sustainable, reliable and maintenance free, off-grid power solutions capable of handling the harshest environments with the integration of fuel cell technology.

Larger power storage available with built in solar panels and larger footprint MOBIPOWER Portable Containerized Systems.

Mobisun Hybrid mobile off-grid solar trailer for ZX300 Lidar

The MOBISUN HYBRID Power Trailer is the perfect solution to displace the use of diesel generators (legacy technology producing harmful carbon emissions and disruptive noise) and can play an important role toward the decarbonization of off-grid power systems and contribute, in part, to broader net-zero organizational objectives.  Specifically designed to power a Wind Lidar, the MOBISUN Hybrid combines the clean renewable energy of solar power generation with on-board battery storage and integrated methanol fuel cell power generation system for 24/7 reliability and 100% uptime without needing refueling for several months.

EFOY 2800 Pro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology is an eco-friendly catalytic process that converts methanol into electricity. When a solar array fails to deliver enough power, the fuel cell senses the battery voltage drop and automatically switches on to keep the battery bank charged, ensuring a constant flow of power for mission critical applications – requiring no refuelling or human interaction for several months.
Thus, battery life is extended significantly since the controlled charging protects them from harmful deep discharges. This technology is one of the cleanest ways of generating electricity.

Guaranteed power availability 24 / 7 / 365

Smart, automatic battery charging supplements solar shortfalls

4 x M28 methanol fuel cartridges on board provide 62kWh of energy autonomy – enough to power a 108W load for 50 days without solar input

Combined with solar, the MOBISUN Hybrid solution provides approximately

12 months of energy autonomy and superior power reliability

Monitoring & Control

Access the internet through the on-board GSR cellular modem for both the Solar Power and Fuel Cell systems.

Monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from solar, generator and mains in real-time. Optimise the energy harvest and usage with history graphs and detailed analytical reports. Catch potential issues early by setting alerts and follow up on alarms to prevent definitive system failure. You can change any setting, follow up on alarms, perform diagnostic checks and resolve challenges from wherever you are.

EFOY Pro fuel cell system is also monitored remotely. It notifies upcoming fuel cartridge replacements, ensures planning safety and reduces the need for administration and maintenance.


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Large quantity production runs proudly manufactured in North America, leveraging ISO 9001 Certified facilities and expertise.


Renewable Power Source

Our solar power generation systems help reduce, and possibly eliminate, your dependency on traditional diesel fuel alternatives.



Power generating solar array combined with cutting-edge, on-board power electronics, inverters and battery storage redundancy technologies, guarantees power supply for your “always-on” mission critical on-site systems.


Mobile power systems are built to last with commercial-grade steel chassis, aluminum solar array and battery storage compartments, and rugged trailer suspension and brakes – making our units road certified and safe to deploy across any terrain.


Advanced engineering and full CAD capabilities for right sizing and customized solutions for specific needs and applications.


Comes standard with R20 Insulation, NEMA 4X equivalent specifications and passive cross- venting and available integrated, high-efficiency climate control — offering “deploy anywhere” temperature protection from -50°C to 50°C.


Units come with standard trailer hitches making it easy to transport to any site and designed to be easily deployed by one person and generating power in just a matter of minutes.


Our remote monitoring service ensures your units operate effectively and efficiently across your multiple sites and allows for remote technical support as needed — helping to both reduce operating and servicing cost over time.